Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here's a selection of the Christmas products available. I've chosen a colour palette of deep red, soft green and grey, all look fantastic together. I've added some wooden items to the range all hand painted and as ever a selection of decorative hearts. (You can never have enough!) I'm really pleased with the Christmas Stockings, with either hand appliqued hearts or stars and button detail, they also have their own little blackboards so that they can write a name or even your own personal message for Santa.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bunting to me conjures up thoughts of summer time and parties, so why not savour it all year round?

Bunting comes in three different lengths to suit anything from stringing across the room or garden, to hanging above a single bed. Like everything it comes in a multitude of colours and patterns.

I also offer “Love” Bunting, hand appliquéd with felt letters and, as always, hearts.

Or why not have your own word, phrase or name hand appliquéd?

I love this, but then I may be biased. Not only is this set functional, it’s pretty and would make a great gift.


This cushion will be very much made in consultation with you, although as always, will be subject to the fabrics that I have available. This of course, will add to its uniqueness.

In addition to your letter of choice, the girl’s version will have a felt heart appliquéd with button detail and the boy’s version a star.

(I'm afraid you do not get the Rabbit!)



“LOVE” features machine appliquéd letters and hearts with button detail in co-ordinating fabrics.
You can also see one of my decorative hearts, available in most if not all the colours of the rainbow…….

Oh what a discovery on holiday in Norfolk this year (ok I know not everyone goes into haberdashery stores whilst on holiday, but then not everyone has a fabric mountain in their spare room) This is Felt like you have not seen before, it is 100% wool and 4 times as thick as normal synthetic felt. Oh and have I mentioned the colours.

So far I have made a small collection of brooches and key rings, but now I’m thinking bookmarks, hairpins and more brooches and…………………………….Help, I think I’m an addict!

Friday, 16 October 2009

LITTLE KITTEN aprons come in two sizes, they have a handy pocket which is then appliquéd with either a star for boys or a heart for girls.

The Cooks Little Helper would suit a 4 to 7 year old approximately and the Cooks Mini Helper is for your toddler. They have a long neck strap, so that you can tie a knot in to make it smaller and then remove the knot, so that the apron can grow with your child.

They are beautifully packaged ready to give as a gift and come with the Yummy Scrummy Cookie recipe and cookie cutter, so your Little Helper will be ready to go!

P.S The cookies taste lovely, so much so they never last long in our house!


Housework need never be a chore again

(I've been told that LITTLE KITTEN peg bags have been used to hold everything from pegs to tights to belts...........let me know what you use yours for!)


These are beautiful bags made from Tweed, with soft Velvet interiors accessorised with a wool Felt brooch. The brooch is removable so you can change the look of your bag or even pin it to your coat or hat, the options are endless. Brooches can also be bought separately if one is not enough!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Well following my launch party 3 weeks ago, I've now done my first LITTLE KITTEN party. Thank you to the hostess, (you know who you are) everyone that came along and my mum, who came with me for moral support.

After a frantic day spent finishing the Christmas products, loading the car, (thank goodness everything fitted in) feeding the kids and doing all the other "stay at home mum" stuff, it was a great relief to do my first party, survive AND I sold some bits....fantastic!

The feedback was, that people didn't know what they were coming to, so being able to view the products online beforehand would be helpful......................... now why hadn't I thought of that!

So here we go, hope you like it!

Sarah x