Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Lovingly wrapped.......... more bunting heading to a new loving home, in bright red mailing bags

and blue tissue paper

including Ditsy Duck Eggs

some very vibrant and gorgeous wedding bunting in Funky Florals

British Cream Tea fabrics mixed with red

and again with cerise

and again with delicate pink

lovely, lovely, lovely!

Gorgeous Wendy House

I had a lovely surprise the other day when I opened my emails, one of my customers Debbie, had sent me some photo's of the bunting she had asked me to make for her daughters Wendy House. She kindly said I could share them with you

Debbie specifically requested the fabrics, to match her scheme and gave me the measurements so that I could make the bunting to fit exactly

I think my daughter may get Wendy House envy

Thank you so much for sending them!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Treasury, hooray

Hooray, my new London Town Bunting has been featured in a treasury

It's made using the most gorgeous Japanese Kokka fabric, matching ribbon and co-ordinating spots and ginghams

It's for sale in my Etsy Shop,

Thank you to for including it in her fab Treasury, here's the link

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Special delivery!

My daughter and I headed off to the post office this week with more red Little Kitten Homemade post bags.

Personalised Bunting in British Cream Tea

Pretty Pinks

Bed of Roses, with a pair of little chirpy birds

Bed of Roses again, this time in soft greens and pinks

Say 'hello' to Teddy, a friendly little chap, he also has a cousin who's white with a blue top. I think he needs a new friend of the pink variety, watch this space

Here he is looking very handsome on a bunting of restful baby blues.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Garden in June

My garden is definately at its best at the end of May, beginning of June. It's not big and it's not designed, it has just evolved over the 6 years that we've lived here. I love the cottage garden look, which I have to say is very forgiving, thankfully, as I do not spend nearly enough time loving and caring for it.

I love hardy geraniums, they just do their bit every year. This daisy has taken a bit of a battering and could probably have done with a bit of support, although it still looks gorgeous.

A rainbow of colours

This rose is about to come into bloom, it's the inspiration for my British Cream Tea collection and is called New dawn, it smells just beautiful

Rain drops are caught in the leaves of my Ladies Mantle

We have lots of bees buzzing around, which, hopefully means that things are picking up for the bee world

A very pretty yellow Granny's Bonnet, is trying to take over the playhouse

It is just gorgeous, (I imagine one of my fairies wearing one as a hat)

Nigella in it's spiky glory
I hope you've enjoyed my little tour x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

My exciting news

I do not know how I've contained myself, but I didn't want to say anything until it was all done. However a couple of weeks ago, I was contacted and asked to make the bunting to decorate the Etsy UK stand at craft fairs throughout the country. After I'd finished jumping up and down, I put my thinking cap on and came up with ideas to meet the brief - to be bright, cheerful, standout, have orange lettering and Union Jacks in alternative colours.
My spin on it was to use Amy Butler fabrics. I matched the font to Etsy's and added a little heart to my Britannia Union Jack design. I also made larger flags than normal for the main Etsy UK banner.
So here is the end result

A bundle of bunting!

Union Jacks a plenty

Extra Large bunting, similar can be found in my shop

Buy handmade!

Here is the feedback - "Oh my! It's absolutely fantastic - Sarah worked with me to create several pieces of custom bunting, one of which had larger flags than she usually does, and the result was perfection. Immaculately hand made and wonderful design ideas. Worth every penny. The Etsy UK stall will be stunning at craft fairs around the country this summer thanks to littlekittenhomemade!!!" 6/09/2010

Friday, 11 June 2010

Belated Birthday

My birthday was back in February, but I still hadn't decided what I wanted from Mum and Dad, some lovely sunny days last week and some very tatty Birkenstock's, led to some Internet shopping and the purchase of some gorgeous new ones, (Gosh, how I hate my feet!)

and whilst ordering some more fabric from Cath Kidston, this fab bag just found it's way into my basket. As my mum says this is definately a Mummy bag, which made me think that my days of nappy bags and pushchairs after 6 years is soon to end.

How will I manage without my trusty pushchair to cart, drinks, suntan cream, first aid kit, sunhats, shopping, parcels for the post office etc etc.............. thank goodness for Cath!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Russian Doll Bunting and Bag

I've decided that I'm going to add two ready to ship items to my Etsy shop every week. This will hopefully increase traffic to my shop and increase my sales, win win, well that's the plan! So 'da da' here is my first creation a bunting and bag duo. I've been adding to my Russian Doll fabric over the last few weeks and had this bunting in my head. I love the mix of colours, the zetsy greens, pretty cerise pinks and the sky blue.

The idea of adding a bag was inspired by my daughter, who at 2 has already discovered a love of bags, she puts 'stuff' in them and carries them about all over the house. We have a bag for dolls, a bag for fairies, a bag for duplo, I think you know where I'm coming from. On a practical, more of a Mummy note, I did think it would make a very pretty pyjama bag too.

Whilst the dolls are gorgeous and look great machine appliqued to the flags, I felt the felt (pun not intended) embellishments in their hair added texture and a pretty detail.

All in all I'm a happy girl, next job get it listed.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Rule Britannia

Yay, my Britannia bunting is in another Treasury, thank you to (who take lovely photos)
I've also been working on some new Britannia colourways and will post some pictures this week, but just as a little taster, think British Cream Tea combined with Britannia, I'm loving it!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A WHOLE day sewing

Yesterday I had a WHOLE day, yes I mean a WHOLE day, from 7.30am until 6.00pm sewing, stopped for tea and bath time, and then did some more sewing whilst watching Star Wars, the original one (again) with Andy. Andy was in full Daddy mode and in charge of the children and I spent, the day, wrapping and packing, answering emails, hand sewing some personalised bunting and creating some new ready to ship bunting for my Etsy shop, photo's coming soon.
Not wishing to sound unsociable, but I had a blissful day. I love my family absolutely without question and I juggle being a SAHM, with my sewing, but every now and then I need some ME time AND I had lots to do. This was my first whole LITTLE KITTEN HOMEMADE day since Andy got back, it was sunny, I had the windows of my sewing room wide open, I had a few visits from the children, a friend, and my mum, but in the main it was me, my fabric and no noise. (which after a weeks half term is fab!)
Here's some completed bunting:

A gorgeous 'Amy' bunting using her duck egg, green and pink fabrics

A pretty Cath Kidston floral mixed with a delicate red and white stripe and green dot

More 'Amy' fabrics, this time in vibrant pinks and oranges

Pretty pinks, again, but with pale pink and soft green and some matching tie backs, a special commission

and last thing, Hooray, my Britannia bunting made it into a Treasury 'RULE BRITANNIA' , you can see it here
Thank you to Cat from for including my bunting.