Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fairy Bunting take 3

I have to say, I really love making fairy bunting, so we now have Fairy Bunting in Erin McMorris's Weekends fabric which I took delivery of last weekend. Look out for the full size version appearing soon

A colourful combination of bunting

a yummy chocolate cake baked with the children, decorated with bunting

My's sons RAF themed bunting clad, bedroom door

Rosie red Cath Kidston bunting

It's taking over!
All now available in my shop and take 3, my fairy bunting is now all hand stitched

Check it out

What a colourful and fun treasury my Wimbledon bunting has found itself in. I love the pink elephants, I've been wanting to make a felt elephant applique for my bunting for a while now to go on the Cath Kidston Paisley fabric. I feel inspired!

Thank you to Jamie for including me.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Guinevere's in a Treasury

Guinevere the Green Fairy has made an appearance in the prettiest of treasuries, with items all made by UK artists. Please be sure to take a look!

Thank you to Morning Blossom for including me

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fairy Bunting take 2

So here is Fairy Bunting take 2, made with my best selling British Cream Tea fabrics and some gorgeous bakers twine in pink and white

I'm happy with the fabric combination and the double flags, although it takes a while to get use to the raw edges, I'm so use to seeing crisp, lined and turned through flags! I do however, love how you can move the flags along the twine to position them just where you need them.

The size of the flags is perfect

and just look how adorable it looks decorating a door

or door frame

a shelf

or picture

The only amendment now will be to slightly lengthen the twine, so the finished length is 1 yard.

I'd love some feedback so please let me know what you think

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A bit of shopping and news

You know what it's like when you get that email from one of your faourite shops telling you they have a sale on. Now here's the thing, I actually do not buy 'new' very often. There is nothing better than trawlling the charity shops to find that piece of gold, well something preloved, now to be loved by me.

I can actually count on one hand the items of 'brand new' clothes I've bought her and my wardrobe is defiantely thrift. However, the other day I took a look at the Boden sale, and actually bought some things:

I couldn't resist this top for my daughter, Poppy, I'm always drawn to red, it makes me smile

and this dress will be perfect for the summer, but will look great with a long sleeved t-shirt and tights this winter. I then remembered the dress I had made for her using some Boden fabric I picked up. I love cord pinafores and they have been a staple of her wardrobe since she was born

I love the simplicity of the flowers, they are bold, but pretty
and the freehand machine embroidery was inspired by one of my hero's Poppy Treffry.

Oh and this light weight knitted Kaftan found it's way into my wardrobe. I love the mix of hot pink and lime

I then hunted throught my fabric stash to find my Boden fabrics, I think there will be some fun bunting, coming soon

Talking of bunting, I've been playing with some fairy bunting, (tiny bunting to those who do not believe in fairies). This was my first prototype. I love the size of the flags, but I'm not happy with the ric rac. (The second version using bakers twine that I made today is definately more like it! Pictures coming soon)

Also new is Letitia the Lilac fairy, developed for a recent commision, shown her with Guinevere and Maud

and Yolanda the Yellow fairy, available in my fairies shop now

New to Little Kitten Homemade, are my Union Jack mini MOO cards. Whilst I loved my previous order, where I used pictures of my different bunting collections, being the 'love the detail' sort of person I am, I wanted to have a colour co-ordinated look to my packaging. So I decided to use my traditional Union Jack applique for my new batch of cards. I'm so happy with the outcome. I feel my online brand identity is coming together. I think ( other than the giveaway triangular shape) you can tell that I make bunting and I'm British, what do you think?

and finally, I've added a new flag to my portfolio. This one is a 'British Cream Tea' take on the on the Australian flag.

Ok so I think that's all my news for now, have a nice weekend

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mabel Lucie Atwell

Just have a look at this cake created by my VERY talented customer Lynette. The inspiration behind the cake, are the lovely images of children and fairies by Mabel Lucie Atwell. The cake was lovingly created for the christening of her grand daughter.
The little butterflies and the roses are just gorgeous.
This was where I got involved. Lynette found my Bed of Roses bunting and asked me to create some personalised bunting for Phoebe. The fabrics she decided upon were by Tanya Whelan, the fresh pinks and greens are perfect.
I love making bunting and it's even more special when you find out the story behind it.

So here's bunting in icing and bunting in fabric

Thank you Lynette, I'm just amazed.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

London Calling

My boys Britannia bunting has been picked for this Union Jack inspired treasury. I love the Mini Cooper references. I has one in life before children, she was yellow with a black roof and I called her Molly. She definitely didn't mix with children however, I could get 4 bags of shopping in the boot at a push and that was it. Some how she just wasn't compatible with my 3 in 1 pram system that we bought. I still think of her fondly though.

Anyway back to crafting, thank you to colourbee for including me.

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Yippee a Treasury

Have a look at this gorgeous treasury my Scandinavian bunting has been featured in. Thank you to Rosie Jo for including me.

Thank you also to Sarah from Paper and String who showed me how to show the Treasury in its full glory!


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Monday, 12 July 2010

Yay a Treasury

It's always lovely when you log on to Etsy and find you have a convo. This afternoon I switched on to find that my Pink extra large Britannia bunting has been included in the most gorgeous Treasury called Berry High Tea. The link is here
Seeing as I like eating cake and drinking tea, what a perfect treasury to be in.
Thank you to Alison (who does wonderful artwork) from for including me.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I had a lovely email yesterday from to say that Marice had featured my British Cream Tea bunting in her Folksy Friday blog

Read the full article here

also take a look at her blog, which is a great read. Thank you for featuring me

Allotment Harvest

Ok, so I know we're not going to feed a family of four from this, however, I assure you that our first potatoes, broad beans and peas, tasted lovely! We also had Raspberries, but the children ate those before I could photograph them.
On a rather frustrating note, we should have had Strawberries, but someone had been and picked them, which is so out of order. That person obviously has no morals, or is prepared to do any work themselves and thinks it is acceptable to steal other peoples crops. Sorry as you can tell I'm not happy!

Anyway, moving on, not much to show in the garden I'm afraid, I had a bit of a cull last weekend, the borders had become overgrown, with some of the shrubs becoming just too big. Our garden is not large and I do try to cram in as much as possible.

I've also cut the Geraniums back to the ground in the hope that I'll get a second flourish of flowers next month, just in time for our party, but at least they'll be nice and green again.

My ever faithful Clematis, that I grow up a metal obelisk that I've had for years (it's been with me for 3 houses) is an absolute picture and will keep flowering for months.

Sorry there were more photo's but I hit the delete button by accident and haven't had time to retake them, oops.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

Gosh I'm not really sure where time has gone. Things have been busy at home. We're in the run up to the end of term and in the last 10 days, we've had Sports Day, Summer Fayre, World Cup Day and next week we've got Beach day and Bastille Day, phew!
We're also busy planning for our summer garden party next month, more of that soon, but needless to say, I've been making invites, bunting, planning the food etc etc etc
Very exciting news this morning, I've been featured in an article on

Written by fellow Etsian it's all about Handmade Tea Parties. My British Cream Tea bunting sits amongst some gorgeous items. See the full article here:

Thank you for including me

Meanwhile, I've also been busy making some bunting orders

and these collages to showcase some of the appliques that can be added to my bunting

I love the cupcake (and eating the real thing!)

The original appliques, simple but beautiful

But then I also love creating something new, this bunting was inspired by a families love of sailing

I've also been making some new Ready to Ship items for my Etsy shop, check them out here

oh well that's it for now, back soon, really, honestly I will be!