Tuesday, 28 June 2011

And the winner is........

Thank you to everyone for entering my Giveaway and I'm delighted to announce that the winner is:

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...
Lovely! I'd like to enter please.

Congratulations and I'm sorry that everyone can't win, but I'm happy to say there will be a new Giveway soon, so please do check back often!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Roll up Roll up I'm delighed to announce .....

Can you see me smiling, it's the biggest happiest smile ever.......... I can't quite believe it but I'm chuffed to pieces to announce that my :

Etsy Sales are at 303

and my

Facebook Likes are at 100

So I would like to announce that it is time for a


as promised!!!!!

Up for grabs for the lucky winner are 2 Buntings

Each bunting has 7 double sided flags, each flag is backed with the same gorgeous fabric, which means that they can be hung across rooms, your garden etc and will look delightful from behind too!

The first bunting is a lovely timeless combination of spots, dots and ginghams in aqua, green and red

and the second a mix of candy coloured Cath Kidston pastels

The winner, as all Little Kitten Homemade customers do, will receive their buntings, wrapped up in tissue and tied up with string!


If you would like a chance to win both of these pretty buntings, there are 3 ways you can join in the fun:

1. Leave a comment on this post

2. If you are a follower or become one, you can leave a second comment

3. Please visit me on Facebook and "LIKE" my Page (Using your personal page not your Fan Page as it won't count). Leave a comment on my wall and then return here to tell me you did so by leaving your third comment under this blog post. If you have already "LIKED" my page leave a comment on my wall and return back here and tell me you have done so :)

I will happily post worldwide so everyone, from everywhere, is welcome to enter!


Strictly a maximum of three comments per person and I must be able to contact you through your comment. The Giveaway will close on Tuesday 28th June 2011 & the winner announced shortly afterwards

UPDATE - Tuesday 28th June 2011 - This Giveway is now closed. Thank you to everyone for entering!!



Friday, 17 June 2011

Remember this.....

This was the field behind our house back in April, thankfully the yellow rape has long gone and thankfully with it our Hay fever!

This is how it looks this morning, lush and green and sprinkled with Red Poppies, what a delight!

On the home front, hopefully (everything is crossed and I hope that I am not tempting fate!!!) Andy should be home Sunday evening, so that means we have 2 more go to beds to go, hooray

LKH has been as busy as ever and my little hands have been sewing lots of pretty hand appliques for Custom Orders and my Sewing Machine has been sewing at full speed putting them all together. I did however spend a couple of hours to tidy LKH Headquarters (and yes it really did take that long) I am not quite sure how it happened but it had got into a dreadful muddle. I like my fabrics to be in a certain order and they were all over the place, buttons were in the wrong place and I had lots of lovely new fabrics to put away so enough was enough.

Here's a little peek of where the action happens

Just one of the run of shelves I have stacked full of lovely fabric and my Felt Rainbow

To the right of this I have, just some of my bias binding rolls. In the top Ikea storage box and the one directly below are my ribbons and trims, sorted by colour and type. The retro sewing basket has patchwork squares and hexie's waiting patiently to be sewn together ( one day! ) The other Wooden Box has just some of my embroidery threads. My main stock of those are stored in the chest of drawers below

in plastic boxes, in colour order. I won't show you exactly how many I have, but believe me it's a lot!

On the other side of the room ( which is not big! ) I have yet more fabric and in the White Chest of drawers and the Printers Block Chest which you can see more of here , I store pre cut Bunting Triangles

Call me sad, but sometimes I just sit and look at my fabric

and this is my trusty sewing machine, which has sewn many a mile. It sits on a table top, that Andy built for me in a bay window, so I have lots of light. It's where I cut out, take my photo's, wrap and pack and I should do my accounts (eeekk, must get up caught up on those)

and as for what Bunting do I have, well I must confess to have a changeover every now and then, but currently it is gorgeous Mini Bunting in Liberty Blues.

I hope you like the little tour :)

Update on the GIVEAWAY

1 more sale in my Etsy Shop and 3 more Facebook fans to go

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Counting down

As I write, 3 sales on Etsy and 7 Facebook Fans until a ......



Saturday, 11 June 2011

A fresh look

What do you think.........do you like my new blog look, I LOVE it! It's been designed by the very talented Kathy from Modern Polka Dots on Etsy and now brings into line my Website, my Etsy Shop and my Blog, please do let me know what you think.

On the home front, I had grand plans for this week, however all best laid plans..... Jamie went back to school on Monday, but after a nice walk home and tea, started to flag and said his head hurt. By 8pm he had a raging temperature, which continued through the night. He spent all day Tuesday camped out on the sofa watching tv and Wednesday playing lego, with the odd 'lets see how your head is' restricted session on the computer playing his new Star Wars game that he got for his birthday. By Thursday he seemed back on top form so I sent him back to school........ how bad did I feel when school phoned for me to come and collect him mid afternoon and even worse the fact that I had gone down town, the first time all week and had forgotten my phone. Thankfully Grandpa was at home and went on the mercy dash to school. As soon as Jamie got home, he fell asleep on the sofa, woke briefly asking to go to bed and then slept deeply until 4 am! Anyway thankfully the horrible bug is on it's way out and he is returning to normal. There is a God though and Poppy hasn't caught it, although I've been fighting a bad head for days....... only 1 more week until Andy gets back hooray!!!!

On the sewing front, I have some gorgeous new Buntings going into the Etsy shop, his just some of them

Rosebuds, an oh so pretty Bunting in pink, pink and a little more pink

Nautical, a classic combination of Red, White and Blue


Blossoms, a stunning and dramatic Bunting in Black and Hot Pink

And here are just some of the Custom Orders that have been sent on their way, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with string

Sherbert Pips and Tutti Fruity Vintage Fabric Bunting

Hand Appliqued Nautical Bunting

and Pretty Tilda

Thank you so much to my lovely customers for allowing me to do what I really do love what I do.....Sewing !!

Finally, I've nearly reached some major milestones, I'm nearly at 300 Sales on Etsy and nearly at 100 Likes on Facebook. SO when I get there, I think it will be time for another


Have a great weekend, 'till next time


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Keeping busy

I'm still here, although, just a little bit frazzled, but still here! Half term has been fun, but very tiring. Both children caught a sickness bug, which started last Friday with Poppy, followed by Jamie on Monday and myself the next day...aagghh, why do the children always get sick when Andy's away???

I thought I would show some of the lovely custom projects I've been working on. I love Custom work and enjoy sewing new combinations of fabrics and appliques

This is my Matroyska applique, the exception to all my other appliques, which are hand cut from lovely soft wool blend felt. For this I have the most gorgeous Japanese fabric, from which I pick a lovely lady, she is then heat bonded and then hand appliqued to the flag. I can't resist adding a few little embroidery details.

The finished Bunting in Bliss

British Cream Tea with pretty Button Embellishments, my most popular collection

LOVE this combination of pretty Lecien fabrics

Navy Polka Dots and Pale Pink felt, simple yet oh so pretty..... very Preppy!

Berrylicious, yum.... Thank you to my lovely customers!

Other exiting news, Little Kitten Homemade made the front page of Etsy again this week. My Nautical Bunting was included in this smashing Treasury

it was curated by Tricia, and included some fabulous creations, thanks Tricia!

My Buntings have made the front page 4 times now, which is just fabulous

Other news, keep watching my blog, it's due to receive a makeover very soon, I'm VERY excited, think polka dots and red, white and blue!

I hope you have a lovely weekend, 'till next time.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

A little photo shoot

I wanted to capture the spring flowers, before the huge gusts of wind and heavy burst of rain, wash them away

(Don't you just love the stripy straw!)

The same photo 4 different effects



Black & White


Do you have a favourite?

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, only 21 days till Andy gets home!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The paint is dry......

After what feels like 6 days of camping with all my plates and essentials on our table in the conservatory, this morning, I decided that the paint on the kitchen cupboards MUST be dry. So having had an extremely early wake up call from the children (5am..... yes I did say 5am!) after making breakfast, checked my shops, showering and dressing (and yes..... it was still only 7am) I set to putting the kitchen back together again.

I keep alot of my essentials (pasta, rice flour, sugar etc) and everyday china on open shelves, great for easy access and because our kitchen is not the largest, I can cook and unload the dishwasher within 3 paces. The downside is that everything gets a tad dusty, so before I could put everything away a big clean up was required. Not my favourite past time, however it did make me realise what lovely things I have, here are some of my favourites

from top left

Gorgeous Pink Ramekins (great for after school snacks), EXTRA Large Tea Bag Canisters (can there be anything else!), Pressed Glass Cake Stand (one of many), Carlton ware Apple Sauce Pot (just gorgeous), Indies China (love it had it for over 20 years), Heart Ramekin (just because), Kitchen Aid (LOVE LOVE LOVE!), Yellow Polka Dot Toast Rack (a car boot find), Pressed Glass Cake Stand (another one of many), Hand Painted Hand Print Plates (I would grab these in a fire), Cornish ware Egg Cups (drool worthy), My new wallpaper (CK Boats)

Now all I need to do is make new curtains, blinds, cushions......

update 26th May - thank you for leaving comments, I've tried to add one but blogger won't let me, uumm not sure why???? but Oh Jenny you are SO right, I felt very pleased when it was done. Catherine they arrived today and they are as gorgeous as ever. Thank you for your lovely comments! Sarah xo