Friday, 23 April 2010

Plane Birthday Party

Plans are being made for the forthcoming 6th birthday party for my PLANE mad son at the end of May.

So far I've been checking out whats available on ETSY

I'm loving the invite.............. SOLD!

I've booked Crazy Bongo's (our local indoor play centre). This is the first time we've not held the party at home, but plane mad son has been desperate for the last couple of years to have his party there. So after much thought, and really I think this will be probably be the last party, as such, that he will want, we said Yes. Result, VERY HAPPY little man!

Also I remember how mad last years Pirate party was with very excited 5 year olds tearing about. It was great fun, we all dressed up, we had a treasure hunt, made pirate ships, lots of glue involved, played lots of very loud party games, ate hot dogs and ice cream and had fun. Thank goodness it was a lovely sunny day and most of it took place outside, the only mistake we made was allowing swords!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A stroll around my garden

Whilst walking around my garden, picking up stones from the lawn, (my daughter takes great pleasure in depositing, with her bucket and spade), I couldn't help but stop and look at the flowers in bloom.

Before sandpits, slides and footballs, the garden had a lovely 'cottage' feel, it's my absolute favourite style. Colours a plenty, roses, lavender, love in the mist, oooooo I just love it.

I know the 'plastic' will go ............. eventually

and the flowers, will once again take centre stage, joy!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Some recent orders

A lovely length of plain bunting in Riley Blake's fabulous fabrics from the Bloom and Grow collection.

This was SUCH fun! A wonderful idea for a baby who will be half Brit and half Kiwi, it features the flags of both countries, a kiwi bird and a very friendly lion, all on fabrics from the Britannia collection.

Just Married in 'Tea Party', including the gorgeous Provence Rose in blue by Cath Kidston. I also have it in the ever so pretty, green colourway.

'Pretty Pinks' being as ever so pretty and pink on this personalised bunting, which also has the 'add on' button embellishments.

Friday, 16 April 2010

My new look

So what do you think of my new look? I won't go into things, but it became necessary for me to find someone new to redo my graphics. Having searched Etsy, I found Ruth from (a fellow Brit). From just few of my photo's she created this amazing banner. All of my shops also have her wonderful touch. I think you can now tell straight away what LITTLE KITTEN homemade is all about.

Thank you Ruth, I LOVE it!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Well has Spring arrived, judging by this morning at the allotment............YES!

We went to plant potatoes, Pink Fir Apples to be exact. Out of all the potatoes we grew, they were by far our favourite, a bit of strange shape, all long and knobbly, but so worth the effort, the flavour is absolutely gorgeous!

I couldn't resist taking a walk around, everything is coming to life and growing. Including the raspberry supports Andy built before he went away!

At the back end of last year, we planted lots and lots of soft fruit. We decided from the outset that we would grow things that we love, but were expensive to buy. So we have Tayberries, Blackberries, Gooseberries, Redcurrents, Blackcurrents


and Rhubarb

We also put in Spring Cabbages and Onions, so soon we shall be feasting!

And lastly, just to prove Spring is here, nestling amongst the long grass and nettles behind the shed was this lone, but beautiful wild primrose, how lovely is that?
Sarah x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The story of a bunting

After the exciting part of selecting my fabrics, I cut out my bunting triangles. I then decide on the felt colours (at last count I had over 50 different colours, to ensure that I get the perfect match, the devils in detail!) After cutting out my felt letters, I choose the buttons (always a joy) and embroidery threads. (I won't even go as far as counting how many strands of embroidery threads I have, but lets just say I have quite a few!)

Next I hand applique the felt to the flag. I normally do this once the children are tucked up in bed. Even more so at the moment with Andy away, the days just fly by. We're now half way through his detachment, hooray, always a good feeling!!!

Sorry about the colours, my living room at night, not the best place to try and take photo's!

And the final result, some Party bunting in my new English Garden colourway. Perfect for a summer party I think! I can taste the Pimms now.................

Sarah x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Some recent commisions


Funky Florals

A special request for off whites, creams and stones

Pretty Pinks

Dusky Pinks and Eau de nils
I just love making bunting. I love the whole process from choosing fabrics with the clients, hearing their ideas, selecting the felt and buttons, embroidering the letters and then putting the bunting together.
What is great, is the chance to be creative and make one off pieces, that remain unique and hopefully very special to their new owners.
I hope they're enjoyed by their new owners as much as I enjoyed making them, thank you
Sarah x

New Photo's


Bloom and Grow


All Star

Ditsy Duck Eggs

Sorry for not leaving a post for a few (well maybe quite a few) days. I've been redoing all my photo's in my new homemade light box! I think they look fab and since then I 've been featured in 2 treasuries on etsy!

How fab is that! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

Sarah x