Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Summer Party

Saturday was the day we had our summer party. Our friends and family joined us on thankfully a nice sunny day, with just a few showers, luckily before everyone arrived. I'm afraid I failed slightly on the photo front. I had grand plans to photo all the food, but unfortunately got caught up in the day......... oops!

We've got a lovely large conservatory, which is just perfect for gatherings and for hanging bunting!

I went for a faded floral theme and mixed bunting in pretty, pinks, blues, greens and yellows

The table was laid with the most gorgeous handmade tablecloth that I found in my local charity shop for £3, bargain.

These floral napkins fitted the theme perfectly and came from Tesco's of all places. For the food I roasted a chicken, a leg of pork and a beef joint of Friday, which definately took the pressure off things on Saturday morning. I served these with Coleslaw, Greek Salad, Hot Buttered New Potatoes, Festive Cous Cous, Jubilee Chicken ( a fabulous salad with chilli's, mango, salad leaves, lime and chicken ) and a tomato and basil salad. Yum!

And for pudding, we went Raspberry picking at our local fruit farm Friday afternoon, they were simply served in glass bowls with cream

For those with a slightly sweeter tooth a served vanilla ice cream with sprinkle, all displayed in my pink wire cake stand

The sprinkles looked very pretty in my vintage white coffee cups, and pistachio nuts, honeycomb and marshmallows were in my pink ramekins. I also made Hot Chocolate Sauce and Toffee sauce to drizzle over

All the food had pretty labels which I created from PDF label templates from fellow etsian Tracey's shop

After much Pimms, wine and beer and a big pot of Chilli with Jacket Potatoes, we all fell into bed, tired but happy. Next party on the agenda, my daughters Woodland themed Teddy Bears picnic in December, followed by a rather special 90th ( not what you may think!)

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