Saturday, 10 July 2010

Allotment Harvest

Ok, so I know we're not going to feed a family of four from this, however, I assure you that our first potatoes, broad beans and peas, tasted lovely! We also had Raspberries, but the children ate those before I could photograph them.
On a rather frustrating note, we should have had Strawberries, but someone had been and picked them, which is so out of order. That person obviously has no morals, or is prepared to do any work themselves and thinks it is acceptable to steal other peoples crops. Sorry as you can tell I'm not happy!

Anyway, moving on, not much to show in the garden I'm afraid, I had a bit of a cull last weekend, the borders had become overgrown, with some of the shrubs becoming just too big. Our garden is not large and I do try to cram in as much as possible.

I've also cut the Geraniums back to the ground in the hope that I'll get a second flourish of flowers next month, just in time for our party, but at least they'll be nice and green again.

My ever faithful Clematis, that I grow up a metal obelisk that I've had for years (it's been with me for 3 houses) is an absolute picture and will keep flowering for months.

Sorry there were more photo's but I hit the delete button by accident and haven't had time to retake them, oops.

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