Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dancing Princess Stitch Along

I am extremely excited to be taking part in my very first Stitch Along designed and organised by the very talented LiliPopo . The idea is based around the fairy story the 12 Dancing Princesses and will take 12 months to complete. I'm going to turn my embroidery patterns into a wall quilt for Poppy's bedroom, it may have pockets for keeping 'stuff' in, but I haven't quite decided yet.

What I have decided upon is the fabrics

Cath Kidston florals

I want to add a splash of colour to her room, which at the moment has white walls, mostly white furniture, a bit of bunting (of course), a hand stitched quilt and lots of toys! 

and I know I want to add lace, buttons

and probably some ribbon

 I also want to theme the embroideries to the month, so here is January's completed embroidery 'Princess Bee', with the addition of some snowflakes ( a bit of artistic licence... eeek I hope that's allowed??)

I'm using linen for all the embroideries, I think this will create a lovely contrast to the florals

So far I'm a happy bunny and I can't wait to stitch the next Princess.  You can follow the progress of those taking part in this Flick group.  Right I'm off now to add mine.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I love your princess, and what gorgeous fabrics! You are so very organised! I also love the artistic licence, there are no rules, honestly! The quilt is going to look so pretty

    Kate x

  2. oh what cute CK fabrics, who can resist them eh! I'm sure your wall quilt will be just lovely :)
    Jessie, xo

  3. Love the colours of your embroidery against the linen.