Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great excitement at LKH HQ

I love gardening and there is nothing better than growing your own.  Sadly I had to give up our allotment last year, when it became obvious that there was not enough hours in the day for growing veg, sewing and being mum.  We did however transfer as many of our fruit plants (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant and blackberries) to our small back garden.  We also grow all our salad and tomato crops throughout the summer.

Blackcurrants ripening last summer

My love of gardening was inspired by the television programme Gardeners World.  Last year I visited the late Geoff Hamiltons wonderful Barnsdale gardens, they are truely amazing and if ever you are in Rutland, well worth a visit.

Blossom at Barnsdale Gardens
   But my favourite presenter ever has to be Alan Titchmarsh.  So how happy was I when asked on Sunday night by the lovely Sally from Dorothy and Theodore if I could provide some Jubilee themed bunting for his TV programme 'The Alan Titchmarsh show'.   So here he is with my Tea Party bunting on Wednesday's show, (excuse the photo taken of the tv!)

and here's a close up of the pretty 'kitch' bunting. 

oh and here's another patriotic version of this bunting made for last years Royal Wedding which would be perfect for Jubilee celebrations or the Olympics maybe, what do you think?

Have a lovely weekend!


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