Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ooops, broke my New Years Resolution

Sorry despite my best intentions, have broken my resolution to update my blog........MUST TRY HARDER!
Anyway I've not been putting my feet up, I've been making some new banners. I had two things in mind, I wanted to make something for the boys and I wanted to make Birthday Banners. Now bearing in mind how expensive birthdays are, I wanted to make a banner that could be used year after year. I also love traditions, I think it's really important that you grow up remembering things that you did as a child, hopefully my children will.
So what I came up with was a banner with interchangable parts, that can be swopped around and added to, so drum roll..............
Happy Birthday Banner for the boys. I've been wanting to use my Cath Kidston Cowboy for ages, I'm really pleased how it looks on the banner. The Felt stars made me think of a sheriffs badge. I've sewn velcro to the banner and the back of the stars, so you can change them over as each year passes. I'm in love with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY ribbon, it's gorgeous. I got it from . (Now a complete favourite shop of mine!)

This ones got interchangeable names as well as the numbers, let me know what you think.
Sarah x

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