Sunday, 28 February 2010

Other News

Well it was my Birthday last weekend. So after breakfast in bed, we went to the jewellers. I was bought a Pandora Bracelet for christmas and I wanted to add some more charms. I chose a silver heart from Andy, a little silver parcel from the children and the most gorgeous pink and red glass one from my parents. I want my bracelet to make me think of all of my family.
Anyway, clutching my very pretty gift wrapped bag, we headed back to the car, despite Andy's beat efforts, he couldn't however, keep me out of the car boot taking place in the market square. And good job too, cause there was this lovely little stool, not very pretty at the moment, I admit, but just perfect for when I'm on the laptop in the kitchen. You just wait a lick of paint and it'll look gorgeous and what a bargain for £2!!!
So I think I made a pretty picture, jewellery bag in one hand, car boot stool in the other! Sarah x

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