Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wrapping and Packing

Wrapping and Packing as it is affectionately known in our house is sooo important. I'm one of those people who have always enjoyed wrapping Christmas Presents. Every year I have a theme and then take great pleasure in choosing the paper and ribbons and then wrapping the presents. So I guess it's no surprise that I want my LITTLE KITTEN parcels to look lovely!
After much debate, I went with a Pink theme, now I know my online presence is green and grey, but I decided that I wanted my parcels to stand out and be easily recognisable. So to start off with I wrap my creation with Pink tissue paper and seal it with a hand stamped "thank you" sticker, more about those in a moment. I then tie the package with natural twine.

One of the first things that I ever ordered, long before I went live online, was my business cards. A must for anyone, I think it stems from my past life as a Bank Manager (we won't go into that) where I always handed out my card. I ordered mine from Vista Print. I went for a very plain card in Grey with a darker Grey font. The cards are great as I can also use them as tag ties if I'm doing a fair. There is room for me to write a short note, which I always do when sending a parcel. If possible I use my fountain pen, a gift from my Dad, who collects pens. It is a chunky Mont Blanc, I don't have the best hand writing but it's definitely nicer when I use this pen. It also makes me think of dad.

Another thing that I cherish is the single hole puncher, this belonged to my Grandfather, and is just so useful. I tie one of my cards to every parcel.

Now to my rubber stamps, I had these custom made by a fellow etsian I have a return address one and a thank you stamp with my web address detailed. They are really great and give a handmade feel to my parcels.Now it's ok making my parcels look pretty, but they also need to be secure and water tight, so I send everything in thick, strong and water proof bags, in pink of course!

My latest packaging creation is my little homemade note cards. I used ready made blank cards, then printed off my wording, cut them to size and then added a little sticker from my StickerBook from MOO

And that's it, although I'm sure I'll always be adding to it.

Sarah x


  1. so personalized and creative - your packages are sure to stand out when they arrive.

    making me think about revisiting my own packaging practices...

    Jessy Ray

  2. Thank Jess, I've posted the missing picture of my gorgeous rubber stamps this morning.

    Sarah x