Saturday, 3 April 2010

The story of a bunting

After the exciting part of selecting my fabrics, I cut out my bunting triangles. I then decide on the felt colours (at last count I had over 50 different colours, to ensure that I get the perfect match, the devils in detail!) After cutting out my felt letters, I choose the buttons (always a joy) and embroidery threads. (I won't even go as far as counting how many strands of embroidery threads I have, but lets just say I have quite a few!)

Next I hand applique the felt to the flag. I normally do this once the children are tucked up in bed. Even more so at the moment with Andy away, the days just fly by. We're now half way through his detachment, hooray, always a good feeling!!!

Sorry about the colours, my living room at night, not the best place to try and take photo's!

And the final result, some Party bunting in my new English Garden colourway. Perfect for a summer party I think! I can taste the Pimms now.................

Sarah x

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