Friday, 23 April 2010

Plane Birthday Party

Plans are being made for the forthcoming 6th birthday party for my PLANE mad son at the end of May.

So far I've been checking out whats available on ETSY

I'm loving the invite.............. SOLD!

I've booked Crazy Bongo's (our local indoor play centre). This is the first time we've not held the party at home, but plane mad son has been desperate for the last couple of years to have his party there. So after much thought, and really I think this will be probably be the last party, as such, that he will want, we said Yes. Result, VERY HAPPY little man!

Also I remember how mad last years Pirate party was with very excited 5 year olds tearing about. It was great fun, we all dressed up, we had a treasure hunt, made pirate ships, lots of glue involved, played lots of very loud party games, ate hot dogs and ice cream and had fun. Thank goodness it was a lovely sunny day and most of it took place outside, the only mistake we made was allowing swords!

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