Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Fairies have been busy

Camilla's been a busy fairy, she's currently flying off to a new home (yey made my first sale!) and she's been in a treasury


Thank you to http://www.joeybb.etsy.com/

Sorry again for the lack of posts this week. I've had lots and lots of orders, which is just fantastic, I'll update tomorrow with some photo's. I've also been adding new collections to my Etsy and Ebay shops.

Other exciting news, my son lost his first tooth. Apparently it came out, with lots of encouraging wiggling, whilst he was drinking a smoothie from the tuck shop at school. Luckily he didn't swallow it! He was very excited when he came out of school, gave me a HUGE smile and said "can you see anything different". After a bit of research it appears that £1 is the going rate for the tooth fairy, a lucrative busy obviously!

He understandably wasn't very keen on having one of my fairies under his pillow, so between making tea, homework and playing, I made a rather cute felt toothy monster, which has, to a very nearly 6 year old, a bit more street cred!

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