Sunday, 9 May 2010

I'm back

I've just had two weeks holiday, ten days of it spent at possibly my favourite place, the North Norfolk coast. This time we stayed in Blakeney, in the same house I've stayed in over twenty times. I've stayed there always with my parents, with my nan when she was alive, my brother, friends and now with my family. My children call it the 'big house' and are convinced that my parents own it (if only). Apparently the actual owner told us, that there are children throughout the UK who believe the same. I never tire of it and hope to go back for many years to come. Actually, I must confess we are back there, a little bit further down the coast, in August, hooray!

Coming back though is always lovely and returning to our house. I love to walk around all the rooms, looking at everything that is familiar, with the added bliss that Andy also is home. He managed to catch 7 days with us in Norfolk, hooray again!

I also returned to find that I had been nominated for a Sunshine award by Hazel, her blog thank you, what an honour.

I've also got some exciting news which I will share, but just a small hint, I've been sewing whilst I'm away and I will show the results tomorrow.

Until then.........

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