Thursday, 13 May 2010

Today I achieved....

First thing, I added Maud the Mauve Fairy to

I then answered my emails and prepared some banner scheme samples

and a bunting sample

and another

I then wrapped and packed some completed orders in my lovely new blue tissue paper, with my matching new business cards and my mini moo cards which offer a 10% discount on future orders

They included a pretty personalised bunting with button embellishments

and a coastal inspired wedding bunting.

Made supper for the children, I must confess it came from the freezer, but it was a batch of homemade Pumpkin soup, always a guaranteed eat. Ran out of steam when it came to mine and opted for ready made pie, although I did cook fresh vegetables. Andy's on late shift so I tend to be not quite so organised on the food front, although I always cook, I love my food too much!
Then this evening, I've completed the hand sewing on one order and started on another (27 flags long) so far 7 flags appliqued.
I'm now off to bed with a cup of tea.
Night Night

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