Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Here come the girls

Say hello to my girls, my newest and possibly the most addictive creative thing I have ever done, Clothespin Dolls!

It started when I discovered them on Etsy and I knew I just HAD to make one.........and ta da, I now have a cake topper for my daughters birthday cake. (YES I know I'm planning in advance, and her birthday isn't until December, but my husband is going away again in 3 weeks for 2 months, so I need get ahead........ ooo and I promise, I will bake a fresh cake!)

No celebration of mine could possibly be without bunting, so I made some, this time from card, which I could then add text of my choice, in this case Happy Birthday

and then it all began, say hello to Lucy ( listed tonight here )


and Rosie
oh and there are more to follow.


  1. those are so cute. I saw some cloth dolls in a shop recently and thought they too would be fun. Love them. Catherine x

  2. These are lovely, I can see why they would be addictive! Sarah x