Wednesday, 20 April 2011

1 Auntie plus 1 son plus 1 daughter =

Photographs, now there's a subject for you, I've certainly taken a few over the last 16 months and wake up with start every now and then thinking I must remember to save them onto my memory stick! I've just had to purchase a new camera, which became a necessity after my faithful camera which we bought when Jamie was born, started smelling suspiciously of burning and a little smoke could be seen.....oopps! I am slowly getting use to it, it's a FinePix F70 EXR, it has so many features, which I am sure would be really useful if I understood them, uumm I must read the manual when the kids go back to school. Andy and I spent hours searching the internet for which camera to buy, reading reviews etc but then I remembered an article on the Etsy blog about the very subject, you can read it here. I couldn't get the exact model, but my last camera was a FinePix, so the decision was made.

The other day, with my new camera, I was taking photo's of a gorgeous 25 flag Fiesta Bunting for the shop. I generally photograph all my buntings against a white background, I like the fabrics to speak for themselves

I decided however, that I wanted to get some outside shots. Now luckily my SIL Alison was staying with us for a few days, so she took the middle, Jamie had one end and Poppy the other

The first shot looked dreadful, my flower beds, whilst filling out by the day, still have more mud than green, not a pretty look

I then found if I lay on the ground and photographed into the sky, the result was lovely, all be it a miracle with both children leaping around and my foot in the air holding up the bunting. I only hope that my neighbours didn't hear the kerfuffle going on, they would wonder what an earth we were up to!

Once the photo's were downloaded, I went on to my favourite site to edit them. I also played with different effects, the one above is 1960's and my favourite

and this one is Vignette, a close second.

Let me know what you think and any tips you might have!

'till next time

Sarah xo

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