Saturday, 9 April 2011


Some of my favourite Custom Orders from this week

Baby Blues

Colourful Party Bunting
Gorgeous Lime and Cornflower Blue
Blackwatch Tartan
And for the shop a new range called Spotty Dotty Doo Dah
Fiesta in Pink and Green

and Pink and Orange

Now I'm off for a weekend away, it's my belated 40th Birthday Present ( I hear you gasp, how can she possibly be 40!!) yes a whole 2 days, just Andy and I with our best friends, there's going to be shopping, manicures, shampoo, walks, garden visits, a night in a super posh hotel, lots of yummy food ( absolutely no dieting ) golf for the boys and lots and lots of uninterrupted conversations yay! Do not fear I'm not leaving the children home alone, they have fun filled weekend in store with the Grandparents. I'll be back Sunday, with photo's taken on my new camera, the old one sadly died this week and will answer all convo's by Monday Lunchtime.

'till next time

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