Friday, 17 June 2011

Remember this.....

This was the field behind our house back in April, thankfully the yellow rape has long gone and thankfully with it our Hay fever!

This is how it looks this morning, lush and green and sprinkled with Red Poppies, what a delight!

On the home front, hopefully (everything is crossed and I hope that I am not tempting fate!!!) Andy should be home Sunday evening, so that means we have 2 more go to beds to go, hooray

LKH has been as busy as ever and my little hands have been sewing lots of pretty hand appliques for Custom Orders and my Sewing Machine has been sewing at full speed putting them all together. I did however spend a couple of hours to tidy LKH Headquarters (and yes it really did take that long) I am not quite sure how it happened but it had got into a dreadful muddle. I like my fabrics to be in a certain order and they were all over the place, buttons were in the wrong place and I had lots of lovely new fabrics to put away so enough was enough.

Here's a little peek of where the action happens

Just one of the run of shelves I have stacked full of lovely fabric and my Felt Rainbow

To the right of this I have, just some of my bias binding rolls. In the top Ikea storage box and the one directly below are my ribbons and trims, sorted by colour and type. The retro sewing basket has patchwork squares and hexie's waiting patiently to be sewn together ( one day! ) The other Wooden Box has just some of my embroidery threads. My main stock of those are stored in the chest of drawers below

in plastic boxes, in colour order. I won't show you exactly how many I have, but believe me it's a lot!

On the other side of the room ( which is not big! ) I have yet more fabric and in the White Chest of drawers and the Printers Block Chest which you can see more of here , I store pre cut Bunting Triangles

Call me sad, but sometimes I just sit and look at my fabric

and this is my trusty sewing machine, which has sewn many a mile. It sits on a table top, that Andy built for me in a bay window, so I have lots of light. It's where I cut out, take my photo's, wrap and pack and I should do my accounts (eeekk, must get up caught up on those)

and as for what Bunting do I have, well I must confess to have a changeover every now and then, but currently it is gorgeous Mini Bunting in Liberty Blues.

I hope you like the little tour :)

Update on the GIVEAWAY

1 more sale in my Etsy Shop and 3 more Facebook fans to go

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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