Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The paint is dry......

After what feels like 6 days of camping with all my plates and essentials on our table in the conservatory, this morning, I decided that the paint on the kitchen cupboards MUST be dry. So having had an extremely early wake up call from the children (5am..... yes I did say 5am!) after making breakfast, checked my shops, showering and dressing (and yes..... it was still only 7am) I set to putting the kitchen back together again.

I keep alot of my essentials (pasta, rice flour, sugar etc) and everyday china on open shelves, great for easy access and because our kitchen is not the largest, I can cook and unload the dishwasher within 3 paces. The downside is that everything gets a tad dusty, so before I could put everything away a big clean up was required. Not my favourite past time, however it did make me realise what lovely things I have, here are some of my favourites

from top left

Gorgeous Pink Ramekins (great for after school snacks), EXTRA Large Tea Bag Canisters (can there be anything else!), Pressed Glass Cake Stand (one of many), Carlton ware Apple Sauce Pot (just gorgeous), Indies China (love it had it for over 20 years), Heart Ramekin (just because), Kitchen Aid (LOVE LOVE LOVE!), Yellow Polka Dot Toast Rack (a car boot find), Pressed Glass Cake Stand (another one of many), Hand Painted Hand Print Plates (I would grab these in a fire), Cornish ware Egg Cups (drool worthy), My new wallpaper (CK Boats)

Now all I need to do is make new curtains, blinds, cushions......

update 26th May - thank you for leaving comments, I've tried to add one but blogger won't let me, uumm not sure why???? but Oh Jenny you are SO right, I felt very pleased when it was done. Catherine they arrived today and they are as gorgeous as ever. Thank you for your lovely comments! Sarah xo


  1. Isn't a good old clean and organise just the best thing (once you've actually done it that is!) x

  2. It must be so nice to have a fresh newly painted kitchen, wish I had the nerve to try that on ours! Congrats on your front page feature on Etsy, what gorgeous photos those were from your bunting and love your new shots too :) I hope my invites got to you in time for your cheer up Tea Party! Hugs, Catherine x