Thursday, 19 May 2011

Busy busy busy

We woke up this morning to a lovely sunny day, a perfect washing day! As I waved good bye to the children as they left for school, (Andy was on school run) I realised that the front garden is about to burst into glorious colour. The front garden is my garden and unlike the back garden that is now full of fruit and veg ( more of that later this week) slides and footballs is full of of my favourite flowers and plants

Ladies Mantle, zesty lime, and the leaves catch rain drops and make them sparkle like diamonds

Allium Christophii, in a couple of days this will be a stunning sphere of star like petals

Rosa Fairy, teeny tiny roses, but masses and masses of them, stunning!

Lavender, oh the scent, what more can you say

Hardy Geraniums, so tolerant and hard working, yet so beautiful

I would like to say there was a planting plan, but I'm afraid other than there being a vague blue, pink and white colour scheme, it is just full of pretty flowers, which are left to self seed as you can see in the photo above. The Lavenders in the wall of the house are all self sewn and there are loads of tiny seedling in the cracks on the paving which I can not bring myself to pull up.

Now to a WIP, totally Andy by coincident had this week booked as leave to decorate our kitchen/family room, which as you all know is not Andy's favourite activity. It has although been lovely to be at home together before he leaves.

So to give you a sneeky peek, the walls are painted, I've hung new wallpaper and we've painted the kitchen cupboards

In between, I've been finishing bunting, answering emails and yes for you eagled eyed readers, reading the fabulous new magazine Mollie Makes, which dropped through my post box this morning. It's a fab read and has the most gorgeous crochet apple jackets tutorial , oh I SO want to learn to crochet, a great feature on Dottie Angel, who's blog I follow and ..........

a feature on bobble trims and just look who's photo is included.

I hope you're having a lovely day!

'till next time

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