Saturday, 21 May 2011

Front Page!!

Hooray, I was included on the Front Page of Etsy today, in a gorgeous Treasury called "If you love Anthropologie..." you can see it in it's full glory here. Thank you so much Lucy.

I LOVE Anthropologie do you?

What is even more exciting is the gorgeous photo's I was kindly sent to me by Whitney only yesterday. Just take a look at these, they include my Tutti Fruity Vintage Fabric Bunting I long to be able to take photo's that look like this!

Thank you SO much Whitney, you're a star!!

This made my day, which has been a long one, Andy leaves tonight at midnight. I've had a stinking headache all day and it broke my heart when he said goodnight to the children. But on the brightside, when we all wake up tomorrow, we're on countdown to him coming home and this little trip is a short one.... 31 days and counting!

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