Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A sad little story

Once upon time there lived a beautiful Allium, in the grounds of a castle (well ok, my front garden)

Standing tall and proud, it was the most beautiful shade of purple.

The Queen (me... tee hee ) was taking a tour of the royal gardens, with her pretty daughter Poppy. Having always taught her children to look with their eyes and NOT their hands, you could imagine the horror of the Queen, when all of a sudden with no warning, the beautiful Allium was plucked from it's position by the pretty Princess.

You could could hear the cries of anguish across the entire land, however the Queen's broken heart was instantly mended when the ever so slightly tearful Princess did proclaim, "but Mummy, I picked it just for you!"

Oh well all is well, it's amazing what a chocolate chip cookie and cup of tea can do!

.....and they all lived happily ever after

'till next time

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