Sunday, 17 January 2010

Button Collection, Good news / Bad news

I spent yesterday making a "one of" Bunting. I've been playing with the idea of numbers and the alphabet. So I made a 1 - 10 bunting in some lovely pink fabrics and then hand appliqued the numbers. Then I sewed buttons onto it to represent each number. I used some new buttons, but also added some from my treasured collection of vintage buttons, which were from my Mum's and Nan's button box. Mum has also collected buttons over the years and let me have some really beautiful ones, which I'm saving for just the right project. I have to confess, I do have my own little stash, which are just for me!

Obviously, whilst I was having my sewing day, Andy was in charge of the children........good news the snow has melted..........bad news, it rained all day, so after drawing, lego, reading, cbeebies, computer, there was nothing for it, but to go on a cake run. I was hoping for chocolate cake, but the chosen cakes were custard donughts, nice ( well any cake is nice) but I have to say, I am and I will always be a traditionalist, Jam is definately the best.

Family day today and I've got a lie in, well I'm not asleep, cause I'm doing my blog, but so far I've had a cup of tea bought to me, and fingers crossed, marmite toast to follow. Now there's another topic for you, LOVE it or HATE it.................................. I'll leave that one with you!
Sarah x

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