Friday, 18 March 2011

A little project

We've lived in our home for nearly 7 years, having moved here when Jamie was 6 weeks old. We actually set the date for completion, for when he was 2 weeks old, (naively as new parents I might add) but he decided to surprise us all and arrive early, then spending his first 2 weeks in SCBU, but that's another story.

Anyway there are several rooms in our house that have not been decorated for ummmm some time, including our hall, stairs and landing. The need for this has somewhat been bought to the forefront as we had a minor plumbing leak last year.

So Andy has leave booked and decorating now in progress. We've decided upon white, white and a bit more white. It's either a brilliant idea, easy to live with, bright, airy or total madness with two young children, no doubt I'll soon find out.

Now for my part, a new front door blind...

A few weeks ago I bought this gorgeous Charm pack from Quilt Taffy, now I know the last thing I need is more fabric, but hey, I just couldn't resist. My initial plan was to use it in Poppy's bedroom, but sorry Pop's I'll find you something else!

Yesterday I placed out the squares ensuring that I got a nice balance of colour and pattern. I then machine pierced the squares into rows, and then joined the rows, to form the blind front

I added some sashing on the side edges, polka dots always a favourite

Decisions decisions, Hot Pink or Bright Aqua Pom Poms, and drum roll .......

Aqua won the day!

Can I just say that I deliberately spaced the dowels so that the bottom edge sat lower than normal, this way I get to enjoy the fabulous fabrics

I am sure even, on the dullest day this will bring a smile to my face!


  1. so pretty!! i LOVE it!! the pom pom trim is the perfect touch!!

  2. Thanks Kerri and for the record, I can confirm I have smiled the past two mornings when I've I come downstairs!