Friday, 25 March 2011

Transformed at last!

Now why is it, as a Mum who can sew, you never get round to making things for your own? Our family clubbed together nearly 3 summers ago to purchase our rather cute playhouse. We painted the outside, we chose blue, so that it would appeal to both Jamie and Poppy, but that's all we did, just how bad is that!! It subsequently became a mini garden shed, full of spiders and invaded by ivy......

......until this week that is! In an effort to redeem ourselves, all 6'3" of Andy spent a couple of mornings inside painting it white. ( I think he was quite glad to go back to work today after all the painting he's done over the last couple of weeks!) which left Nan and I free to pretty it up

There's bunting both inside and out, aprons, bags full of toy food and pots and pans. A little table and chairs, and for storage, one of my all time faves, an old Lloyd Loom chest, given a lick of paint and a new ticking cover

Nan made the gorgeous red gingham curtains, from ever so slightly bigger red gingham curtains that she found at booty

The bedside cupboard bought from a furniture turnaround shop for a couple of pounds, received a rather swift paint over and is now a very sturdy cooker, perfect for baking cakes for a tea party I do believe!

and finally a little heart over the door is a gentle reminder of the love that went into making a happy home for two happy children
'till next time


  1. wow! what a little dream house!! adorable. i would love to have something like that someday.

    (thanks for your sweet message on my blog) ;)

  2. Thanks Tasha, it is definately a hit with Poppy! I love your blog! Note to self, I must set up my blog list :)

  3. Oh that looks lovely, hope your children want to spend lots of time in it so mummy can blog ;-)

    I had a go at bunting recently, it was something of a struggle but my sewing machine and I have a bit of a turbulent relationship! Found you through my friend Sarah at Home Made Gorgeous - my blog has the odd bit of craft but is mainly showcasing my second hand finds.

  4. It's certainly been a hit and we've been so lucky with the gorgeous weather! I'm on my way now to check out your blog, I am too a great lover of second hand treasure. Sarah x