Sunday, 6 June 2010

A WHOLE day sewing

Yesterday I had a WHOLE day, yes I mean a WHOLE day, from 7.30am until 6.00pm sewing, stopped for tea and bath time, and then did some more sewing whilst watching Star Wars, the original one (again) with Andy. Andy was in full Daddy mode and in charge of the children and I spent, the day, wrapping and packing, answering emails, hand sewing some personalised bunting and creating some new ready to ship bunting for my Etsy shop, photo's coming soon.
Not wishing to sound unsociable, but I had a blissful day. I love my family absolutely without question and I juggle being a SAHM, with my sewing, but every now and then I need some ME time AND I had lots to do. This was my first whole LITTLE KITTEN HOMEMADE day since Andy got back, it was sunny, I had the windows of my sewing room wide open, I had a few visits from the children, a friend, and my mum, but in the main it was me, my fabric and no noise. (which after a weeks half term is fab!)
Here's some completed bunting:

A gorgeous 'Amy' bunting using her duck egg, green and pink fabrics

A pretty Cath Kidston floral mixed with a delicate red and white stripe and green dot

More 'Amy' fabrics, this time in vibrant pinks and oranges

Pretty pinks, again, but with pale pink and soft green and some matching tie backs, a special commission

and last thing, Hooray, my Britannia bunting made it into a Treasury 'RULE BRITANNIA' , you can see it here
Thank you to Cat from for including my bunting.

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