Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Russian Doll Bunting and Bag

I've decided that I'm going to add two ready to ship items to my Etsy shop every week. This will hopefully increase traffic to my shop and increase my sales, win win, well that's the plan! So 'da da' here is my first creation a bunting and bag duo. I've been adding to my Russian Doll fabric over the last few weeks and had this bunting in my head. I love the mix of colours, the zetsy greens, pretty cerise pinks and the sky blue.

The idea of adding a bag was inspired by my daughter, who at 2 has already discovered a love of bags, she puts 'stuff' in them and carries them about all over the house. We have a bag for dolls, a bag for fairies, a bag for duplo, I think you know where I'm coming from. On a practical, more of a Mummy note, I did think it would make a very pretty pyjama bag too.

Whilst the dolls are gorgeous and look great machine appliqued to the flags, I felt the felt (pun not intended) embellishments in their hair added texture and a pretty detail.

All in all I'm a happy girl, next job get it listed.


  1. Oh my goodness those are super cute - probably a good job they weren't in the shop when I was looking!! My baby girl has the russian doll flip flops from Monsoon and would love a bag like that!!

  2. These are so pretty, found you via Etsy and glad I stopped by. I am just about to open my own shop on there so thought I would say hello. Funny, I am from Lincolnshire too....what a small world!!
    Micayla x

  3. Hi Micayla, thank you for visiting. I wonder how many Lincolnshire Etsians there are? Good luck with your shop, let me know when you're open. Sarah x